Drown Zero – Melbourne Beach

Drown Zero - Melbourne Beach Rotary Sponsorship RequestMaking Beaches Safer One Station At A Time

Drown Zero is a Melbourne Beach Rotary Club project in partnership with the Cocoa Beach Rotary Club.

We have successfully implemented thirteen (13) Drown Zero flotation device stations along the beaches within the Town of Melbourne Beach from Sunset Blvd to Breakers/Cherry Drive.

These “Throw – Don’t Go!” stations are available for adoption, which helps make the Drown Zero Project possible.

Adopt or Renew A Station for only $500.00 for a 12 Month Station Sponsorship

To Adopt or Renew An Available Location
Mail Check Noting Available Location In Memo to:
Rotary Club of Melbourne Beach
P.O. Box 510443 Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

Contact 321.758.1523 or Email sidney@quantumorigins.net with any Questions Regarding Adoption.

The streets that we are currently seeking sponsors for are:

  • Sunset Blvd –  Sponsored
  • Avenue A  – Sponsored
  • Avenue B
  • Ocean Park North  – Sponsored
  • Ocean Park South
  • 1st Ave
  • 2nd Ave
  • 3rd Ave
  • 4th Ave
  • 5th Ave
  • 6th Ave
  • Loggerhead Park
  • Breakers/Cherry


Throw And Don't Go!Use The “Throw, Don’t Go!” Method

The Drown Zero – Melbourne Beach Flotation stations provide beaches without lifeguards (unguarded or off duty) a means to assist a distressed swimmer. In the event of a distressed swimmer, the Drown Zero program advises the public to do the following:

  • Call 9-1-1 for help

  • Utilize the orange floatation rings to “Throw…Don’t Go!” into the water

  • Keep eyes on the swimmer until the first responders arrive.


Drown Zero - Melbourne Beach - Avoid Rip CurrentsOcean Safety & Preparedness

Rip currents account for over 80% of rescues performed by surf beach lifeguards. The Drown Zero Program hopes to raise awareness of ocean hazards, such as riptides, that are estimated to attribute to over 100 deaths each year.

Here is what you should know about rip currents:

  • Rip currents pull people away from shore.

  • Rip current speeds can vary from moment to moment and can quickly increase to become dangerous to anyone in the water

  • Rip currents can sweep even the strongest swimmer away from shore

Click Here to Learn More About Why Rip Currents Are Dangerous